College Get Outside Weekend

Sixty students gathered around the bonfire Friday night, ready for the weekend ahead. The College Get Outside Weekend took place September 11-13th in Bristol, NH and a leadership conference, a hike, apple picking and more was planned for the two days.


Run by College Outside, an organization that helps various college outing clubs, the weekend focused on the training and bonding of the club leaders. Officers from outing clubs from Boston University, Northeastern University, Babson College, Brandeis University and more gathered at the AMC Cardigan Lodge in New Hampshire.


“College Get Outside Weekend is a great opportunity for outing clubs of different sizes to get together and exchange information, bond and just generally have a great time in the outdoors” said John Hall(CAS, 2015)

The weekend was organized by the founder of College Outside, Sarah Lockwood, and included a leadership training session, hikes up a few nearby mountains, rock-climbing, swimming in a small pond, and apple picking. It culminated on Saturday night with a raffle of much outdoor gear and two presentations, one about the BU Outing Club president’s recent traverse in Alaska and the other by a professional rock-climbing.


For Lockwood, the joy from a weekend came from seeing the many motivated students. To her, the entire outdoor industry is very passion-driven.

“[People] work in the outdoor industry because they love the outdoors. They work for companies who build gear, who promote environmentalism, who are training the future of the outdoors industry. None of us do this job for money; this something we do because it’s awesome and we have an incredible work-life balance.”

College Get Outside Weekend

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