FiveThirtyEight is a website that has grown considerably in the past few years. Nate Silver, a former writer for the New York Times, created the website and is most known for his near-perfect prediction of the 2012 election using statistics. The website uses many statistics throughout its content. These various numbers and stats are helpful for analyzing and interpreting different news events and are usually objective rather than subjective. The articles on FiveThirtyEight are divided into a few categories (politics, economics, science, life and sports). The website is able to offer a non-traditional outlook on each story, with the heavy emphasis of statistics being more rare on TV and in newspapers.

In a current front-page story called “How To Evaluate The Economic Records Of Governors Who Want To Be President,” Ben Casselman, a FiveThirtyEight writer, utilizes data and graphs to analyze the best way to look at the economic records of 2016 candidates. At one point in the story he focuses on Jeb Bush’s role in Florida’s economy. The graphs are of Florida’s GDP, house prices, personal income and jobs since 1999, with specific attention to Bush’s term as governor from 1999-2007. Casselman states that while it is true that Florida’s economy was better during the period that Bush was governor, much of the success is due to timing rather than Bush’s influence. Bush was governor for a period where a major boom was occurring, especially in Florida, Arizona and California. Within two years of Bush leaving his position, the entire country experience a recession and unemployment soared. Casselman effectively conveys the idea using the graphs that Florida’s thriving economy lining up with Jeb Bush’s reign was more lucky timing and not because of Bush’s actions.



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