Three Story Pitches

What El Nino means for Boston in 2016.

Main point: El Nino in a weather system that only appears every 2-7 years. It affects the ocean currents and dramatically affects the weather in many regions of the country. Some areas become colder and drier while other become warmer. This winter is expected to be affect by El Nino which means that Boston would have a warmer winter than usual. This is probably a welcome change after last years record-breaking winter.

Why should I care? After such a brutal winter, it appears the upcoming one will be warmer and more tame. This means less snow compared to last years historic winter.

Why now? El Nino only appears every 2-7 years with 2015 being one of those years. This weather pattern is not typical and thus people should be aware of its impact on the region.

Research: article that describes the affects of El Nino using maps/charts

Focus on the affects of El Nino on the Northeast.

Human Sources: Anthony Fusco, graduate student studying atmospheric science,

David Epstein, professional meteorologist in Boston area. @GrowingWisdom (will find better contact info).

Characters/Real People: Professors at BU who specialize in the atmosphere and the climate. Ask students about what they know about El Nino/do they want a warmer winter.

Scene Action: Earth Science Department could provide information about El Nino, how it’s formed and its affect on Boston.

Multimedia Plan: Videos of Boston scenes that would be affected by the warmer weather (video of the esplanade, walking on Commonwealth, etc.)

Rise of Longboarding

Main point: Longboarding is a form of skating that focuses less on tricks like skateboarding and more on cruising on streets. It is becoming more popular each year especially on college campuses. Many students use it to travel to class and many more longboard for recreation. It would be interesting to examine the rise of longboarding and why it is becoming so popular.

Why should I care? Walking around BU’s campus you are bound to see students longboarding on the streets. It is an increasingly popular method of transportation and an activity that continues to grow. Despite being a currently growing industry longboarding has an interesting history.

Why now? It is continuing to become popular with even more students using longboards than last year.

Research: Article about how longboarding has gained popularity in recent years.

Article analyzes the risk of injury when longboarding.

Human Sources: Broderick Gumpright, co-owner of Orchard Skate Shop, 617-782-7777.

Mike Girard,, organizer of a longboarding festival in Harvard, MA in August.

Characters/Real People: Students who longboard around campus. Worker at a local skate shop.

Scene Action: Longboarding in Boston. Figure out the best locations to shoot (Esplanade, Downtown Boston, etc.)

Multimedia Plan: Videos of people longboarding, possibly with a GoPro. Photos of longboards and graphs showing the rise of the activity.

BU’s Sustainable Development

Main point: Sustainability is a very important issue in a 21st century world. Resources are being used excessively and the global temperature continues to rise from man-made products. Sustainable development is the meeting of present needs while preserving the future as well. BU is such a large school that sustainability is something that should be a focus. Analyzing how BU cuts waste would determine its effectiveness and whether more has to be done.

Why should I care? Over the past few decades the amount of damage to the environment has been exponential. Entire habitats have been destroyed, ice is quickly melting at the poles and the emissions continue to rise.

Why now? Sustainable development is becoming an increasingly important issue in today’s world. It is becoming clear that climate change is a very real issue and over the next century the sea levels/global temperature will continue to rise exponentially.

Research: BU’s Sustainability website lists statistics pertaining to the school’s sustainability efforts.

FreeP article about the BU’s oush for sustainability in the dining halls.

Human Sources: Professor Julie Klinger, She teaches a class at BU called Sustainable Development and is an expert on the topic.

Dennis Carlberg, BU Sustainability Director, He is the person in charge of BU’s sustainability initiatives.

Characters/Real People: Professors in the environmental/earth department at BU. Leaders of various sustainability clubs/organizations. Ask students about their opinions of sustainability.

Scene Action: The various steps and actions that are taken to reduce the school’s environmental impact (recycling room, more efficient classrooms, etc.)

Multimedia Plan: Heavy use of data/charts/diagrams to show both the earth’s changing climate and to show how effective BU’s reduction has been. Video of various ways to reduce energy usage/waste.

Three Story Pitches

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