Boston’s Growing Appeal to Skaters Pitch

Main point: Skateboarding is a hobby/sport that has been around for many years but has continued to grow in popularity in the past few years. Boston’s first public skate park is currently being built near the Zakim Bridge called the Lynch Family Skatepark. Pop Allston has recently opened as well which features an indoor skate park. I hope to analyze the city of Boston from a skater’s perspective such as whether it is a good/welcoming city for boarding. I want to examine the new efforts that are being made throughout the city to cater to rising popularity of skating (new parks). I also would like to incorporate the perspective of BU students and whether the campus is board friendly (do they fear injury riding on Commonwealth).

Why should I care? Throughout Boston there are new shops/parks meant specifically for skateboarders. It is becoming clearer how popular of a sport it is becoming especially among students.

Why now? While skating has been popular for decades now, skateboarding/longboarding has continued to rise over the past few years. So much so that Boston is building its first public skate park near Zakim Bridge called the Lynch Family Skatepark. In addition Pop Allston, a new community area, opened an indoor skate park over this past summer.


Release about Boston launching the Pop Allston Community Space.

About Boston getting its first skate park

Article about how longboarding has gained popularity in recent years.

Article analyzes the risk of injury when longboarding.

Article talking about the injruy risk of extreme sports

Background on the rise of skateboarding

Human Sources: Broderick Gumpright, co-owner at Orchard Skate Shop, 617-782-7777.

Eric Pickard, employee at Orchard Skate SHop, 617-782-7777

Alana Olsen, Executive Director of Allston Village Main Streets (POP Allston),

Mike Girard,, organizer of a longboarding festival in Harvard, MA in August.

Billy Benke, BU student who recently started longboarding, 516-359-3693

Charles River Conservancy spokeswoman S.J. Port, 617-300-8172

Characters/Real People: Students who skate around campus. People who skate around Boston. Employees at local skate shops. Expert on the skateboard industry. Person involved in building the new skate park.

Scene Action: People skating in Boston (Esplanade, Commonwealth), POP Allston, an indoor skate park. Commonwealth Avenue (risk of injury for people skating on roads). Consturction of the new park.

Multimedia Plan: Videos of people longboarding, possibly with a GoPro. Shoot people skating on the Esplanade/at a skate park in the city with a DSLR, possibly using my GoPro as well. Video from POP Allston, the indoor skate park. Graphs/other data visualizations showing numbers of how popular skating is becoming. Graphs/other data visualizations to show the rate of skate-related injuries in Boston. Video contrasting how a longboard and skateboard are riden.


Eric Pickard, Orchard Skate Shop Employee

“We have our flagship store on Harvard Ave in Allston and we just opened up a new location in the North End on Commercial Street.”

“[Boston] is becoming more of a popular city as time goes on. It’s becoming much more recognized [in terms of skateboarding].”

“We are getting a big skate park under the Zakim bridge coming up this year. They’ve put in multiple skate parks around the city over the last ten years. It’s getting a lot better. It’s more of a destination these days than it has been in the past.”

“We get people of all walks of life. Old, young. We have kids from like six years old to dudes pushing sixty because we have a full skateable bowl in the shop.”

Billy Benke, BU Student

Boston’s Growing Appeal to Skaters Pitch

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