Final Story Pitches

Boston’s Underground Music

Main Point: Many students and other Bostonians are talented musicians, many of which who perform at small venues or for friends. These small, independent bands usually survive for a few years before eventually breaking up and moving on in their lives. I want to take a look at what goes into being an independent musician in Boston. Where do they perform/what is it like in Boston/why do they do it?

Why should I care? Local music is one of the defining aspects of a city. It is important to know what Boston is known for in terms of local music and to tell the story of those who fight to do what they love.

Why now? Local music is on the rise around the country thanks in help to the internet/social media. It is much easier to listen and learn about the local bands of Boston. Because of this it is a great time to learn about the rising underground music scene on Boston.


BUQuad article about Boston’s underground music scene

Monthly newspaper devoted to Boston’s underground scene

American Association of Independent Music

Human Sources:

Maggie Ambrose ( News Master for Allston Pudding (a Boston music blog)

The Middle East Concert Venue 617-864-3278

Palm Spring Life- independent band from Allston.

Characters: Talk to local Boston bands. Concert venues that specialize in small bands. Fans that go to these concerts/support the bands. People who write about the music scene in Boston.

Scene/Action: Attend a concert in Boston. Visit a band while they are practicing.

Multimedia plan: Video of a concert/a band practicing. Audio of their music. Perhaps data visualization/a timeline of the growth of Boston’s music scene.

Mild Winter Predicted for Boston due to El Nino

Main point: El Nino in a weather system that only appears every decade or so with 2015 being a particularly strong one. It affects the ocean currents and dramatically affects the weather in many regions of the country. Some areas become colder and drier while other become warmer. This winter is expected to be an El Nino one, which means that Boston would have a warmer winter than usual. This is in contrast to last years record-breaking winter. I want to analyze the weather patterns surrounding Boston and compare last years’ record winter to this year’s predicted milder one.

Why should I care? The city of Boston was hit hard last winter with record snow-fall. The city shut down for multiple days. This year is predicted to be a much milder winter, which is probably a welcome change for

Why now? El Nino only appears every 2-7 years with 2015 being one of those years. This weather pattern is not typical and thus people should be aware of its impact on the region.


Background information on El Nino article that describes the affects of El Nino using maps/charts

Focus on the affects of El Nino on the Northeast.

Human Sources: Anthony Fusco, graduate student studying atmospheric science,

One of the many Boston meteorologists. A list of some are

Characters/Real People: Professors at BU who specialize in the atmosphere and the climate. Ask students about what they know about El Nino(man on street style). Ask Bostonians about if they are looking forward to perhaps a milder winter in comparison to last year. Mass DOT.

Scene Action: Earth Science Department could provide information about El Nino, how it’s formed and its affect on Boston. Visit a weather station.

Multimedia Plan: Graphs/maps showing El Nino and its affect on the weather of New England. Not really sure what the video would be yet.

Final Story Pitches

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