NewsTrack: October 27

In this article for FiveThirtyEight the interesting title of Can an Astrophysicist Change The Way We Watch Sports? caught my eye. In the article, Oliver Roeder describes a new type of analysis that is being developed for sports.

Created by Matt and Navarre Ginsberg, the new system involves a computer predicting the trajectory of balls during a sports game in real-time. The computer is able to analyze the movement of the ball, whether it be basketball, volleyball, etc. and predict with confidence the outcome of the play.

After receiving a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Oxford, Matt Ginsberg has been working on a patent for this new technology he has been developing. NBA owner Mark Cuban is also one of the names that appears on the patent.

The article does a good job at explaining how the technology works and describes the consequences of it being implemented one day. In sports a player would be able to know with a good amount of confidence the outcome of a play before it even concluded.

Roeder makes use of some effective visual aids to help better explain the technology that is being developed. He includes gifs and videos showing how it works with a series of basketball gifs effectively showing the potential of the system in the real-world. While it is still probably in the distant future, this technology developed by Ginsberg could change the sports world, for both fans and players, forever.

NewsTrack: October 27

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