The Fall of Walker

On FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver, the founder of the website, analyzes the rise and fall of Scott Walker, the GOP presidential candidate from Wisconsin. Walker recently dropped out of the presidential race due to his sinking poll numbers. Silver writes that Walker was considered a strong candidate at the beginning of the race due to his electability and his beliefs lining up pretty well with the general population (maybe a bit too conservative). Despite this he became the first candidate to drop out of the race. Silver writes that perhaps Walker suffered from unluckiness. He seemed to be a perfect candidate to bridge the establishment and the Tea Party. With atypical politicians entering the 2016 race, though, like Trump and Carson, Walker was overlooked by the majority. This is perhaps due to the large mouth of Trump who has been absorbing nearly all media attention. At the two debates Walker has less than 14 minutes of talking time while Trump had 30 minutes. While he made some mistakes on the campaign trail, Silver writes that it is surprising that he fell so quickly. Silver uses a few effective media elements to help his point, such as a Venn-Diagram showing where all the candidates fall in ideology in relation to each other and a bar graph showing the total time in the first two GOP debates with Trump getting the most time and Walker getting the least. 

silver-gop-five-ring-circus-0921 silver-datalab-walker-2


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